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Bittium SafeMove VPN Solution for Secure, Seamless Connectivity

Bittium SafeMove Moblie virtual private network(MVPN) solution enables easy and secure access to the corporate internal network, ensuring an unparalleled user experience making it an effective solution for all mobile workers. it removes all of the hassle and complexity of getting connected by enabling genuine zero-click access to the best available network. Whether it's Ethernet, Wlan,GPRS,Edge or 3G, users are connected instantly and automatically.




Cobham TevaVM Performance Under Duress

Determine with precision the effectiveness of security counter measures against scaled and targeted attacks. Assess what the impact is on normal network operations in a safe and contained manner. Use TeraVM to emulate common distributed denial of service attacks with known exploits and device vulnerabilities.





Cobham TevaVM Exploit Recovery

Use TeraVM’s security threat and exploit application library to assess how effective planned procedures are in recovering from a breached security defence. TeraVM delivers a safe contained environment in which to build knowledge and skills for pragmatic recovery plans.





Varonis Data Audit & Protection Solution

Varonis is a powerful software suite that protects your lie and email servers rom cyberattacks and insider threats. We analyze the behaviour of other people and machines that access your data, alert on misbehaviour, and enforce a least privilege model.  





Spirent Security Labs

Spirent SecurityLabs offers security penetration testing and monitoring consulting services for web applications, mobile, network and wireless.


Spirent Data Breach Assessment

Spirent CyberFlood Data Breach Assessment delivers accurate, automated, continuous and thorough assessment of live production network environments, using an always-up-to-date database of hyper-realistic attack, malware and applications scenarios to safely and accurately validate your security infrastructure and policies.