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Bittium R&D Services for IoT


Bittium provides state of the art, secure IOT solutions and engineering services for IOT and wearable technology markets. These markets include enterprise, healthcare, industrial internet, sports, and wellness. Bittium brings more than just a product to the IOT world -- it brings solutions, encompassing the product and its integration into the "connected world". Bittium's solutions start with platforms which are optimized and tailored for customer-specified IOT use cases. Bittium/s expertise and experience in wireless device design, component selection capabilities, in-house internet security solutions, experience and track record in operating system adaptation, and apitude in optimizing processing platform performance, allow it to create reliable, customized IOT solutions. Bittium offer end-to-end development services and have the capability to deliver all necessary components of the solution including devices with wireless communication, built-in security and cloud connection capabilities. The offering also includes support and maintenance services during the whole product life cycle.

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