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DingLi Pilot Walktour Android


DingLi Pilot Walktour is a terminal based, radio access network test and measurement solution. It is multi-technology; collecting radio access network, data and application performance measurements from 2G,3G,4G, IoT and 5G technology. Pilot Walktour runs on the latest Android platform commercial smartphones, therefore reflects true user perception of the network and services performance. Its compact form factor is perfect for indoor testing due to the portability, with dedicated indoor map interface and positioning capability. Pilot Walktour can also be used for directed outdoor field test or as an unattended measurement probe by downloading test plans from Pilot Fleet Edge.


  • Test like a user and anticipate probable QoS issues

  • Minimum investment with maximum test capability

  • Always up to date with performance measurement from latest devices in the market

  • Supports traditional and the latest voice and data services testing

  • Applicable for both indoor and outdoor testing with geo positioning

  • Able to detect potential mobile network issue instantly

  • Standalone and Non-Standalone 5G NR

  • 5G Statistics Report

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