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VIAVI CWDM OTDR Modules 4100 Series

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VIAVI CWDM OTDR solution enables cable operators, dark fiber providers and telecommunication service providers to test through MUX/DEMUX and perform a complete end-to-end link characterization or troubleshooting of active C-RAN, DAS and mobile fronthaul CWDM networks. Learn more about OTDR Testing.


  • The most compact CWDM OTDR solution in the market: 18 CWDM wavelengths covered in only 2 OTDR modules

  • Perfect for end-to-end link characterization during network deployment/ construction

  • Ideal to test new CWDM wavelength routes or pinpoint faults and know their exact locations without disrupting traffic on active channels

  • Can be combined with a CWDM spectrum analyzer module (COSA-4055) to measure the wavelengths and power levels of active CWDM channels

  • Characterize end-to-end links with exact CWDM wavelengths

  • Troubleshoot active networks with in-service testing capability

  • Verify end-to-end continuity with the continuous wave source function

  • Integrated CW light source with modulation capability (same OTDR wavelengths)

  • Eliminate OTDR interpretation errors with Smart Link Mapper (SLM) option (converts the OTDR trace into icons – splice, connector, MUX/DEMUX)

  • Compatible with T-BERD/MTS-2000, -4000, -4000 V2 and -5800 platforms

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