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VIAVI 8800SX Digital Radio Test Set


The VIAVI 8800SX now includes test capabilities for field and bench testing of TETRA base stations with a new 10 MHz external reference and new software capabilities to further speed testing of today’s Land Mobile Radio systems. The 8800SX supports all modern land mobile radio technologies and the hybrid portable design is ideal for both bench and field test environments. Its advanced automated test and alignment with support for the most radios in the market makes the 8800SX the most cost-effective radio test set on the market today.


  • Fast VSWR and return loss plots provides field analysis of antennas, duplexers, and combiners.

  • Accurate distance to fault measurements is useful for locating problems in cables used in vehicles and at remote sites.

  • Complete Analog Test System: The 8800SX includes the capability to perform direct connect type testing on a radio. All radio parameters including power, frequency error, modulation accuracy, receiver sensitivity, and audio performance are easily accessed and tested.

  • Indoor Signal Coverage Testing using TRX Systems NEON® Signal Mapper Application.

  • AM / FM

  • P25 / P25 Phase II


  • NXDN™


  • dPMR

  • Positive Train Control

Key Technical Specifications

  • Generator: -5 dBm to -125 dBm with ±1.5 dB (typical) accuracy

  • Analyzer: -140 dBm to 500 watts power measurement range, accuracy to ±4%

  • Weight: 17 lbs.

  • Display size: 30.5 cm (12 inches)

  • Rugged: 30 G Shock

  • Direct input power: 50 W Continuous, 125 W Cyclical

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