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NorthLab ProCoater


The ProCoater is an ultra-compact fiber recoater adapted for a wide range of fiber diameters and coating compounds. The ProCoater is specifically designed for ease of use and flexibility in mind, making it ideal for production as well as research & development applications.

The ProCoater can be used with square shaped plastic or silicon based moulds depending on resin types.

The plastic moulds are designed to accommodate the most common high index resins and are availa-ble in sizes 250, 400, 500, 600 and 900 μm. Custom-ized sizes can be made upon request.

The silicon moulds are designed to accommodate low index resins and are available in sizes 250, 400, 550, 650 and 750 μm.

To ensure very fast cycle times the ProCoater uses an array of high power and wavelength adapted UV LEDs generating a typical curing time of less than 3 seconds. The ProCoater can be programmed with four different recoating programs, easily selectable by the touch panel.


  • Unique square shaped plastic and silicon based moulds, adapted for High and Low Index resins

  • Flexibility, wide range of fiber diameters

  • Lightweight and ultra-compact design

  • Very fast curing time < 3 seconds

  • Operates on built in rechargeable battery or external power supply

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