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Microchip TimeCesium 4400


The TimeCesium® 4400 is an autonomous Primary Reference Source designed for telecom network operators to generate superior and highly reliable G.811 synchronization signals for advanced network services. The TimeCesium 4400 produces accurate, spectrally pure, and stable output signals using a cesium beam tube resonator. Using a TimeCesium 4400 delivers total control of your network synchronization source, enhances network performance, reduces errors in the SONET/SDH payload, and prevents up-stream network clock errors from propagating across the network.


  • Easy to install, the TimeCesium 4400 is fully operational within 45 minutes.

  • TimeCesium 4400 provides superior performance and maintenance free operation.

  • Synchronize core network offices, which are equipped with TSG/SSU recovery clocks (BITS concept)

  • Enhances network performance and provides total control of your network synchronization source

  • DS1, E1, 2048 kHz G.703/13, 10 MHz, 5 MHz, 1.544 MHz and Composite Clock Outputs

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