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VIAVI FVAi / FVDi Benchtop Microscope


The new FVAi/FVDi digital benchtop microscopes are the ideal inspection solution for fiber connector production by giving users a single system that is scalable to optimize throughput at any stage of the production process. With onboard capabilities for fiber inspection, pass/fail image analysis, and storage, they eliminate the need to connect with an external PC. In addition, the integrated 3.5 in LCD video display gives users full control of the device without the need for an external monitor. While the FVDi provides dedicated manual focus, the FVAi has both manual and auto-focus capabilities that can significantly optimize workflow efficiency on the production floor. From post-polish qualification inspection to end-of-line compliance certification, the FVAi/FVDi microscopes are the ideal benchtop inspection solution for any fiber production facility.


  • FVAi and FVDi are VIAVI’s next-generation platform to equip lab & manufacturing environments with the capabilities they need for fiber inspection and certification.

  • Achieve high-performance fiber inspection, analysis, and certification for labs and production environments.

  • Operates as Both a Stand-Alone Device and with a Monitor or PC

  • Optimize throughput at any stage of production with scalable functionality

  • Eliminate subjectivity from inspection with a fully automated system for fiber inspection

  • Document that your product is compliant to end-face quality standards such as IEC-61300-3-35

  • Save valuable benchtop space with compact size

  • Inspect, test, and store results on a single device — no external PC or monitor required

  • Significantly reduce total inspection time by removing the need to focus the fiber manually

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