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NorthLab ProCleave™ LD II


The NorthLab ProCleave LD II is an automatic and highly advanced fiber cleaver for large diameter fibers up to 550 μm. The cleaver is specifically designed for use in production lines where ease-of-use, process speed and a high production yield is crucial. The cleaver is at the same time well suited for R&D environments. It generates very flat end-faces and low cleave angles (typical <0.5°) with a high repeatability. It can be programmed with four different cleave programs, easily selectable by the touch panel and is powered from an external power supply or the built in rechargeable battery.


  • Automated cleave process for optimal cleave quality and repeatability

  • Universal fiber clamping mechanism

  • Designed for fiber cladding diameters from 125 to 550

  • Low cleave angles with very flat end faces, typical <0.5°

  • Operates on built in rechargeable battery or external power supply

  • Available platforms that support Fujikura, Fitel, 3SAE, or use without fiber holders

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