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Microchip SSU 2000 & SSU 2000e


The Microchip's SSU 2000 and SSU 2000e are intelligent, fully manageable Synchronization Supply Unit or Timing Signal Generator designed to meet the latest and evolving industry standards. It is a fully manageable carrier-grade synchronization systems used by communications network operators to generate and distribute superior synchronization signals for their networks. The SSU 2000 conforms to ANSI standards and is NEBS certified, while the SSU 2000e is ETSI certified. Both systems use the same plug-in cards and provide
frequency network timing capabilities for SDH/SONET networks.

Integrated Primary Reference Source, Input Flexibility.


  • High capacity, modular system

  • Integrated GNSS (GPS and GLONASS), Primary Reference Clock

  • E1, T1, Composite Clock, RS-422 outputs

  • NEBS and ETSI compliant versions

  • RADIUS option, SFTP and SSH support

  • Comm R card has NTP client functionality

  • Performance monitoring on all inputs

  • Management: SNMP, ICS, TL1

  • TimePictra Synchronization Management System support

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