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VIAVI AVX-10K Flight Line Test Set


The AVX-10K is a comprehensive flight line test solution providing today’s Avionics Technician with an easy to use instrument for many maintenance needs. From a quick airborne system auto-test to an in-depth troubleshooting tool, testing can conveniently be done around the aircraft or in the cockpit from the touchscreen display or using your mobile device. Easy set-up, quick testing and reporting transferable via USB, Ethernet and wireless all done from a modern user interface, or the VIAVI Solutions Mobile Tech App. The AVX-10K is a compact, durable tester capable of providing a wide range of quick airborne system auto-tests and in-depth troubleshooting using software specific applications.


  • Transponder Modes A, C and S

  • ADS-B Out

  • ADS-B In (Traffic)

  • 1030 MHz (ADS-B, ADS-R, TIS-B)  


  • TCAS I/II and TAS testing

  • ADS-B Monitoring  

  • GICB Monitoring  

  • UAT Monitoring

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