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OCI600 Optical Cable Identifier


Ascentac OCI 600 Series, Optical Cable Identifier is specially designed for fast, accurate and non-destructive identification of target optical cables. The identifier applies the principle of light interference to transform mechanical vibration to visual or audio signals. Technicians only need to lightly hit cables. With its high sensitivity and noise reduction, the identifier can lower noises to make technicians clearly hear the knocking sound by earphones. For visual signal, the strength is classified into ten grades with three colors, involving red, yellow and green. Technicians can easily recognize whether it is the target cable through the colors. Ascentac OCI 600 Series is easy to operate by its one-touch automatic testing and available to various environments because of its strong on-spot application capacity. The powerful functions not only greatly reduce the time, cost and errors of urgently repairing optical cables for technicians but also significantly improves the work efficiency.


  • Present whether the target cable has been hit in bar graph or ECG (Electrocardiography)

  • Dual identification methods (By visual or audio)

  • Strong environmental adaptability e.g. manholes, tunnels, conduits, aerial etc.

  • Noise suppression

  • Adjustable receiver sensitivity


  • Optical cable construction, installation & maintenance

  • Pinpoint unlabelled patch cords in the equipment room

  • Identify far-end cables under different environment like manholes, tunnels, conduits or elevated construction

  • Fiber cut, splicing, resource inventory

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