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VIAVI FVAm Series Benchtop Microscopes


The FVAm benchtop series are the industry’s first all-in-one benchtop inspection and analysis microscope for MPO and other multi-fiber connectors. FVAm completely automates every step of the inspection and test process with unmatched speed and reliability. With the ability to automatically test multi-fiber connectors in less than 20 seconds, the FVAm equips manufacturing facilities to ensure optimized quality and performance of MPO cables and QSFP components at every stage of production.


  • Guarantee reliable MPO production quality with automated testing

  • Certify MPO end face quality to customer requirements and industry standards

  • Optimize production workflows at every stage

  • Streamline inspection methods with fast and reliable functionality

  • Fully automated inspection and analysis with fast results

  • Built-in fiber end-face analysis with acceptance criteria to industry standards (IEC-61300-3-35)

  • Test multiple different connector configurations (for multi- and single-fiber)

  • New FMAG series adapters easily switch connector configurations

  • Generate certification reports

  • Available with integrated touchscreen

  • Stores results on device or export

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