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DingLi Pilot Scout 3.0


DingLi LiteProbe 3.0 is DingLi's next generation ultra-portable handheld device for LTE-IoT RAN and data services verification. Various key radio parameters and cell information are displayed on LiteProbe’s OLED screen, providing an instant view of the performance. The device shall grade the measured quality (e.g. as Excellent, Good, Average, Below Average, Poor) according to the configurable evaluation standards. LiteProbe 3.0 uses various data services testing (depending on the test mode employed) for the real-time evaluation or post process the collected data with other DingLi's solution.


  • Easy to execute LTE IoT network performance verification without dedicated technician or network engineer

  • Accurately detects network coverage and quality

  • Lower cost than professional network optimization devices

  • Compact form factor and portable with long battery standby time

  • Replaces LTE IoT sensors or modules that may not display the current network status

  • Simulate LTE IoT network perception

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