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VIAVI MAP General Purpose Light Source (mSRC)


The Multiple Application Platform (MAP) General Purpose Light Source (mSRC-C2) is a family of stabilized, fibercoupled, fixed wavelength emitters with coverage of the key Telecom/Datacom wavelength bands – 850, 1300,1310, 1490, 1550, and 1625nm. They share a common interface that can hold FP laser, LED and SLED sources. They can perform at both constant power and constant current operating modes with 10 dB of power tuning range. The many variants of the mSRC-C2 enable a broad array of applications and encompass several different emitter types. The emitter types have a specific set of spectral properties that make them ideal for different metrology applications.


  • Sources at key wavelengths for all key communication windows

  • Range of emitter types with specific spectral bandwidth and polarization levels

  • Temperature and power feedback control for ultra-stable performance

  • Simplify test system integration with multiplexed or individual output connectors

  • Single-Mode and Multimode with IEC complaint launch conditions

  • Insertion loss testing

  • General power sensor or path loss calibration

  • Multimode loss testing with IEC launch conditions

  • CWDM components measurements

  • General purpose Interferometry applications

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