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Spirent CloudSure


Spirent's CloudSure NFV and Cloud Test Platform solutions assist you to deploy, onboard, actively test and assure cloud and virtualized networks. Validate your NFV environments including 5G, SD-WAN, VNF or Cloud services to ensure performance and SLAs with proven test methodologies. CloudSure validates all four ETSI NFV domains: NFVi, VIM, MANO, and VNFs, and supports Kubernetes (containerized) deployments with Containerized Network Functions (CNF). Within the NFVi domain, CloudSure tests compute, memory, storage, and networking dimensions, to fully assess cloud performance in a variety of typical and worst-case scenarios.


  • Validate all 4 ETSI NFV domains; NFVI, VIM, MANO, VNFs/CNFs

  • Validate NFV-based services with high load, realistic traffic & peer device emulation for SD-WAN, 5G, or IP service

  • Benchmarking

  • NFV lifecycle management (Validating throughput,performance & scalability)

  • Get visibility on your NFV performance bottlenecks

  • Customize testing with test cases & scenarios

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