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Spirent TestCenter


Spirent TestCenter is an end-to-end test solution delivering high performance with deterministic answers. Service providers, NEMs and Enterprises use it to test, measure, and validate their networks and deploy services with confidence - from traditional performance testing to rigorous analysis of Virtualization, Cloud Computing, Mobile Backhaul, High-Speed Ethernet.


  • Topology Emulation

  • Unprecedented Scale

  • Benchmarking

  • Stress Testing

  • Network Validation

  • Protocol Conformance

  • Next-generation network and infrastructure testing with real-time answers

  • Unified Layer 2 to 7 test solution with extensive network emulated protocols

  • Improved efficiency through automation, expanded test coverage

  • Evolves with testing needs to protect equipment ROI

  • Reducing Testing Complexity, Accelerating Design, Dev & Deployment

  • Option of Virtual or Physical Tester

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