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TeraVM offers a virtualized solution enabling the flexibility to run anywhere - lab, datacentre and the cloud, with consistent performance coverage, ensuring highly optimized networks and services can be delivered with minimal risk. It is a software based L2-7 test tool running on x86 servers and in the Cloud (Azure, Amazon, Google, Openstack etc.), delivering a fully virtualized application emulation and security validation solution to test and secure devices, networks and their services. This powerful tool can be used for Automation and Orchestration, Cybersecurity Threat and Malware Penetration, Secure Access Firewall/VPN Testing, Wireless Core Interface Testing and Wireless RAN and Core Emulation. 


  • 100% virtual - support all major clouds platforms

  • Automation and Orchestration

  • L2-7 Stateful Traffic Application Emulation

  • Secure Access Firewall/VPN (ASA Firewall, FirePOWER)

  • Cybersecurity Threat and Malware Penetration

  • Wireless RAN and Core Emulation

  • Wireless Core Interface Testing

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