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VIAVI FiberComplete 8100 Series


VIAVI 8100-Series FiberComplete EVO family offers the first solution of its kind that performs all the fundamental fiber qualification tests such a bi-directional insertion loss (IL), optical return loss (ORL) and OTDR with one module and from one optical port.


  • One powerful unit equips field technician with all the traditional fiber tests they need

  • Cuts testing in half with fewer connection and disconnections, automatic continuity check and an intelligent fault finder

  • Minimizes training and gets reliable measurements using a single connections port that combines a fully automated process with easy-to-read results

  • Optimizes workflow by compiling tests results into one complete cable view and automatically storing all measurements in one folder

  • Combined bidirectional OTDR, insertion loss and return loss measurements capability

  • One connection, one-touch automated measurements

  • Real-time continuity check and automatic product pairing

  • Fiber or cable results management

  • Step-by-step wizard for initial IL/ORL referencing

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