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VIAVI Multi-Fiber MPO Switch Module


This MPO Switch is well suited for use in high-density fiber environments, multi-fiber MPO cables eliminate the expense of running individual patch cords for each service turn-up. Widely used in Data Center interconnects, MPO cables are spreading into telecom access applications such as FTTH, FTTA or C-RAN. The use of an MPO switch is the best way to accurately and quickly characterize individual fibers of an MPO cables with an OTDR.


  • All-in-one, integrated solution for multi-fiber MPO cable characterization, certification and troubleshooting

  • Replaces multi-fibers, fan-out/break-out cables

  • Smart Link Mapper software applications allows testing in Numbering mode (8, 12 or others) or in Labelling mode and automates test workflow, certification and reporting

  • Single-mode 1x 12 MPO Switch Module

  • Pinned APC MPO port for connection to MPO links to be tested

  • SC/APC port for connection to OTDR test port

  • Automatically controlled by the OTDR

  • Enterprise-SLM and Cable-SLM Ready

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