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VIAVI SmartClass Fiber MPOLx - MPO OLTS


The MPOLx provides a source and power meter that integrate essential test capabilities together to ensure a fast and reliable workflow when testing and certifying network links with native MPO connectivity.

With the MPOLx, field technicians can perform all the necessary test requirements for Tier 1 (Basic) certification in a single solution: Measure MPO length, Measure optical loss, Check polarity, Inspect fiber end faces, Generate certification reports. The MPOLx gives technicians the ability to achieve a completely new level of productivity for testing and certification. The MPOLx ensures fast workflows by delivering comprehensive test results in less than 6 seconds for all 12 fibers of the connector providing color coded pass/fail test results, test limit, fiber length, test wavelengths, loss values, margins, and polarity results for each fiber.


  • Fast and reliable test and certification workflow

  • Full visibility and control at both the source and power meter

  • Complete multi-fiber push on end face inspection and analysis at both ends.

  • Measures length

  • Measures optical loss at multiple wavelengths

  • Checks polarity for all 12 MPO fibers

  • Provides native MPO testing directly on devices

  • Delivers test results for all 12 MPO fibers in <6 seconds

  • Provides native MPO end-face inspection and automated analysis for both trunk cables and bulkheads

  • Dual wavelength optical light sources

  • Encircled flux compliant

  • 3.5” color touch screen interface on all MPOLx devices

  • Generate certification reports

  • All-day battery life

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