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VIAVI InterferenceAdvisor


The VIAVI InterferenceAdvisor is a fully automated interference hunting solution, is the most user-friendly solution available today. Simple to set up and completely intuitive, InterferenceAdvisor allows one RF engineer to easily identify and locate an interference source with minimal effort: voice prompts simply direct the engineer to the source of interference. What used to take days to troubleshoot can now be done in hours by following a few simple steps. InterferenceAdvisor is versatile tool that can help in isolating all types of RF interference for common cellular channels.


  • Automated interference area indication and navigation guide

  • Voice prompt guides the driver to the estimated interference location

  • Built-in accessories minimize cabling requirements

  • Cable-free Android tablet with WiFi connection

  • Spectrum control display allows for detailed signal monitoring

  • Gated sweep control and display for TDD interference hunting

  • Reduces setup time by providing an integrated antenna solution with a GPS antenna, minimizing cable requirements

  • Supports three tracking modes: RSSI, Channel Power and Peak Power--to track down most of types of interference signals

  • The fully automated EagleEye™ software, running on an Android device, provides visual and voice prompts to guide engineers to the suspected area of interference, eliminating the need for guesswork

  • Spectrum display quickly allows engineers to validate any change in signal strength of the interfering source and its location

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