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Furukawa Ribbon Fiber Fusion Splicer NJ001M4


Furukawa NJ001M4 is an ultra-compact, lightweight ribbon fusion splicer that can splice single fibers and up to 4 fiber ribbons. It was designed to be smaller and more lightweight than previous models and also allows faster operation. It supports splicing of single fiber drop cables and 2 fiber drop cables.


  • Wide splicing chamber

  • High capacity battery enables 100 cycles of splicing and heating

  • High speed splicing of 15 sec and high speed heating of 30 sec

  • Ruggedized design

  • Fiber Curl Remove function is available

  • Compact size and light weight

  • High-torque motors are installed for drop cable splicing

  • Automatic fusion program selection is available

  • Heater adjustment function is available

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