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Microchip SyncServer S650


The new Microchip's SyncServer S650 Time and Frequency Instrument provides unprecedented synchronization flexibility and performance using Microsemi FlexPort technology. The GPS referenced S650 is designed for modern electronics systems and networks that require best-in-class synchronization performance easily adaptable to a wide range of applications.


  • <15 ns RMS to UTC (USNO) through GPS

  • <1x10–12 frequency accuracy

  • Popular timing signal inputs/outputs standard in the base timing I/O module (IRIG B, 10 MHz, 1PPS)

  • Reliable and rugged design for long product life and wide application scope

  • Four standard GbE ports with NTP hardware time stamping, two additional 10 GbE ports option

  • PTP multi-port/profile output option

  • PTP input option

  • Rubidium Atomic Clock or OCXO oscillator upgrades

  • T1/E1 Telecom I/O available

  • Superior 10 MHz low phase noise options

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