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Microchip TimePictra


The Microchip's TimePictra is a web-based management system for phase, frequency & synchronization network elements. TimePictra provides the scalability and performance to meet growing network services and business needs. The secure web browser client provides easy access and eliminates the complexity of client installation and VPN access. The Java application server, in conjunction with the database, provides comprehensive business logic to support management of network functions. It can report the timing status of a network at the core, access, and eNB level. With phase accuracy being the most vital service in a network today, monitoring and long term historical evidence of performance plays the largest part in meeting customer SLA.


  • Network SLA monitoring and reporting

  • Web-based multi-tier software architecture

  • Geographical topology and domain navigation

  • User preference dashboard customization

  • SNMP and TeMIP northbound interface

  • Intuitive Web GUI for easy management

  • 3rd party PTP client management

  • Highly secure and hardened software

  • Geographical topology and domain navigation

  • End-to-end PTP performance monitoring & Multi-vendor PTP client management

  • Cost-effective deployment

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